In 2007, the first Emporium Hotel trail-blazed into the Brisbane market, taking honours as Australia’s Leading Boutique Hotel at the World Travel Awards four years in a row.

Despite being an established brand, this new hotel needed its own brand identity.

Shortly after opening, Emporium engaged MR in a temporary in-house consultant capacity to fill some of the missing links, ensure each division of the business was on the same page, and establish some parameters for all marketing activity.

This laid the foundations of a plan that would help Emporium Hotel South Bank compete with the ever-increasing supply of hotels in Brisbane and cement its position as a leader in the luxury hotels market.


Brands are multifaceted. Emporium is not just one brand, but many.

In such a dynamic environment – with a hotel, event facilities, residential apartments and four distinct food and beverage outlets – it’s critical for each element to establish an individual identity that’s also part of a cohesive whole.

With MR’s ability to really communicate the essence of a brand, we developed a highly detailed set of brand guidelines for the hotel and each of its outlets. Taking cues from what the hotel creators had established so well in the physical space, this brand bible articulated all the defining brand characteristics from personality and tone of voice to the brand story and core values, then applying it to various copy blocks for ultimate practicality.

We have brought the brands to life through a number of key campaigns including two unique Melbourne Cup events, and Piano Bar’s High Tini and Cocktail Masterclass offerings, as well as rejuvenating menus and hotel sales collateral. We also produced and managed a large-scale photography shoot for the hotel and all its venues that will be used for multiple marketing activities, both locally and abroad.