Located on the iconic ‘Tedder Avenue’, Shuck is the Gold Coast’s signature seafood restaurant and the winner of multiple industry awards since opening in 2001.

A major restaurant refurbishment provided the ideal opportunity to rejuvenate the brand as well.

At the time MR was engaged, Shuck had been trading for more than 15 years. In order to maintain the restaurant’s premium positioning, and to align with the revitalised restaurant space, the brand was also due for a reno.


When it comes to building trust in your brand, consistency is key.

In preparation for the newly refurbished restaurant, MR facilitated a complete overhaul of the brand and marketing materials to establish a modern and sophisticated brand, which was applied to everything from menus and the website, right down to the aprons.

With a marketing claim as “The Gold Coast’s Signature Seafood Restaurant” where food is the hero, Shuck needed imagery to match its elite reputation. Under MR’s direction, striking custom photography took that claim and made it visual in a way it had never been done before.