Palette Events

Discover the ultimate private dining experience at Brisbane’s top culinary landmarks. Palette offers signature chef-led blind tastings, engaging Q&As, and captivating guest speakers.

Palette is a concept designed to unite like-minded business professionals from various industries, serving as an elevated platform that blends the finest aspects of food, wine, storytelling, and networking, breaking the mould of traditional corporate events.

Our past events have featured exciting partnerships with renowned names such as Veuve Clicquot, Cloudland, Stokehouse, Aria, Pilloni, Moda Restaurant, AnyDay Group, SameSame, and C’est Bon. Esteemed chefs like Matt Moran, Chef Arte, Javier Codina, and Pietro Segalini have shared their inspiring culinary journeys and crafted exquisite menus centred around a blind tasting, seasonal produce and innovative cuisine.

The Palette team has also staged events in unconventional spaces, creating memorable activations in collaboration with the Institute of Modern Art and Queensland Ballet. Guests have enjoyed a Veuve Clicquot lunch, followed by an exclusive invitation to a private rehearsal with Queensland’s finest ballet dancers. These events were hosted by Li Cunxin and his wife, Mary Li, whose story became widely known with the release of the film Mao’s Last Dancer.

Welcome to Palette, where every event surpasses the next.

The MR team is as diverse as it is dynamic.

We curate the best creative team for each project from a talent pool that is limitless.