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At MR we believe that brand is a company’s greatest asset.

We build brands using techniques developed by Australia’s leading brand agencies combined with our own methodology drawn from years of experience facilitating brand workshops across Australia.

We believe brand is bigger than just your logo, website or campaign. Every single aspect of your business filters into your brand, from the culture, communications, signage and even the colours on your office walls.

They are all parts that make up a whole, painting a picture of your company and everything it stands for: your brand story.

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At Madam Republic, we realise that every brand has a story to tell but not every company knows how to tell it.

Specialists in brand development, visual identity and brand rejuvenation, we ensure your brand reflects your ethos and maintains relevance in an ever-changing world.

Whether you’re an established brand in need of a new look and feel or a disruptive newcomer, your brand is a long-term investment, so we partner with specialist trademarking lawyers to ensure your assets are protected for years to come.

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We work closely with companies and business owners to build immersive campaign experiences.