Madam Republic revolutionised the industry by turning the traditional agency model on its head.

Disruption has generated some of marketing’s greatest achievements. Apple. Tesla. McDonalds.

While the traditional agency model tends to focus on short-term campaign success, it often disregards the long-term integrity of the brand behind the campaign. At the same time, the staff and pricing structure within these agencies makes their services unattainable for all but the big guys, overlooking those with smaller scale objectives.

At Madam Republic we champion brand integrity, maximising your marketing investment, and future-proofing your brand footprint.

We believe every company should have access to the best creative talent, relevant to their own specific industry needs, at a competitive price.

Our model – structured around a core team of key account resources supported by a national network of highly-skilled creative professionals – has turned the industry standard on its head. We provide the full-service agency experience without the cost of unnecessary overheads or associated fees. We pick the team best suited to you on a per project basis or retainer arrangement, and you’re never paying for a prime CBD office or for resources to sit idle. And while a standard agency is only as good as its in-house staff, our talent pool is virtually limitless.

MR is agency 2.0.

We believe brand is bigger than just one website or campaign. Every single aspect of your business filters into your brand, painting a picture of your company and everything it stands for: your brand story.