Affinity Education Group (AEG) is a privately held provider of early childhood education, owning and operating over 150 childcare centres throughout Australia, which care for more than 15,000 children.

With 150+ centres operating under a myriad of different names, branding was more crucial than ever.

At the time MR was engaged, AEG was looking to consolidate and solidify the many centre brands in its portfolio. AEG identified Milestones as its first brand to undergo a rejuvenation, with a view to relaunching it as one of three marquee brands.

Given the heavily populated childcare landscape, with both external competitors as well as AEG’s own centres, the role of branding was absolutely critical to cement market positioning, clarify the offering, and differentiate from competitors.

Great branding goes beyond a unique logo and catchy tagline.

To really set Milestones apart, MR honed into the brand essence of celebrating every stage of childhood development and subsequently built the entire brand platform around this.

Detailed brand guidelines helped activate the brand through a strong visual identity, covering everything from external signage and promotion collateral, right down to protocols for the colours, furnishings and fixtures in each Milestones centre. There are so many seemingly intangible elements that make up a brand story, and in this instance, these sorts of details were critical to reassure families that Milestones was a welcoming environment where their children would be supported through their development.

Following the successful creation of the Milestones brand, MR rejuvenated two more AEG sub-brands: Aussie Kindies Early Learning and Papilio Early Learning.