In 1986, entrepreneur Allan English came up with an out-of-the-box solution that would allow pizza businesses in Australia to afford new ovens that would revolutionise the industry.

Despite being an established brand, SilverChef identified the need to increase brand awareness.

With the in-house marketing team having limited capacity to produce the volumes of content required, MR was engaged by the month to ghostwrite digital content that highlighted SilverChef’s offering in a relevant and engaging way.

When the company underwent a rebrand to stay current with the changing market, MR was called in to ensure all written elements aligned with the new brand identity.


Making dreams come true.

Since SilverChef is in the business of making dreams come true, rather than the obvious focus on finance, the strategy was to show potential customers all the possibilities. Content was tailored for each country, and revolved around successful venues, trends, innovations and helpful tips to connect the audience with turning ideas into reality, for both existing and potential customers.

Through blogs, web content, and sales collateral, MR delivered copy that was current, targeted, SEO primed, on-brand, and supported the broader business objectives.